The IRAIA site has a newly set up wiki on Philippine history. It will offer a slightly under-the-radar approach to collating and analyzing records on Philippine history with particular focus on our recent past, namely, the post-World War II era, which of course is ongoing until this very minute. The public is invited to participate in the further making of that history.

The wiki is a park, library and playground all combined. No cops to tell you what to do, at least for now. If you’re still uneasy with the wiki interface, consider it a sandbox, where you can simply sit down, manipulate the sand into interesting shapes, and if you don’t like what you see, simply level it all with a clean sweep of your hand. (Many wiki sites actually label some of their more experimental pages as “a sandbox.”)

I will of course participate in gradually filling up the wiki with interesting takes on Philippine history. But some of my already-ready thoughts and notes, I’ll directly write here, and then mirror them on the wiki site. It’s hard to explain now what exactly I plan to do, but I’ve thought about it for quite a long time now, and at this point, the idea is best implemented and tested in practice rather than mulled and planned and discussed in the abstract.


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