Addressing my domestick cats

Three cats in the yard

“Ambilis nyo naubos pagkain nyo, mga hayop kayo?” (Finished your food so quickly, have you, you effin animals?)

That’s how I usually address my domesticks. I do that on point of principle, to remind them (and people around them) that they are animals, and thus they should assert their animal rights and voice out their demands and peaceably assemble without having to ask anyone for a rally permit. Continue reading “Addressing my domestick cats”

People power vs people’s power


People power or people’s power?

I’ve never really accepted the notion of “people power” (without the apostrophe-s).

This catchword is often used like it was a form of physical energy with supernatural overtones, something that can be conjured only by a superhero, a wizard, or a cardinal. To me, people power suspiciously sounds like “labor power”, which an employer pays with daily wages. Or “horsepower”, in which 1 hp = 745 watts. Continue reading “People power vs people’s power”