The Universe is a pretty big place, she said

They will come tonight
MAYBE THEY WILL COME TONIGHT. The universe is a pretty big place, she said. But what she left unsaid is that they’re coming for you. It’s just a matter of time. And they will surely ask: “Are you with us? Or against us?” (Saved from via Pinterest)

“The universe is a pretty big place,” Dr. Ellie Arroway used to say in Contact.

So, if you see nothing but stupidity around you these days—and I don’t mean just in your favorite media (including social media)—it’s good to keep this reminder in mind.

It means that sentient beings and intelligent civilizations continue to exist elsewhere—and I don’t mean we need to look in other star systems beyond Earth. Continue reading “The Universe is a pretty big place, she said”

At the bottom of a ravine

I will put the choices very simply for you.

You’re riding a bus from Baguio to Sagada. You notice that the driver is a brash young boy, most probably inexperienced, perhaps even a college brat out for kicks. The bus already had a few heart-stopping near-accidents just out of Sayangan, then in Buguias, then again in Sinto and after Mt. Data–all because of the amateurish driver’s carelessness.

IRAIA thoughts
IRAIA thoughts

Then, as the bus negotiates the steep trail to Sabangan, it happens. The driver goes into a hairpin turn, barely manages it, finds out the brakes are no longer working, careens inches away from a ravine, and is finally stopped–only through sheer luck–by a short upslope road grade.

The driver insists that the bus can still make it to Sagada, or at least to the Dantay junction. But most passengers want to get down, catch their breaths, hopefully flag down the next bus, perhaps even walk to the next junction where they can hire a jeepney instead. Continue reading “At the bottom of a ravine”

Good cholesterol, bad cholesterol

If the nation’s circulatory congestion is getting worse and worse, and mini-strokes occur with alarming frequency, it should not be too hard for doctors to agree on what medical intervention is needed–both urgent and long-term ones.

IRAIA thoughts
IRAIA thoughts

E.g. Public transport and bikes are HDL aka good cholesterol. Have more of them. Private cars are LDL aka bad cholesterol. Get rid of them. Build a robust economy like a healthy diet. Practice good governance like regular exercise. Problem is, this country’s economic managers are not real doctors and nutritionists. They are sales reps of chem food and drug firms.

Still confused? Kaya nagka-hetot-hetot ang trapik, because many of us are still confused. Or in denial about bad cholesterol. #