An INFJ wrapped in INTP inside INTJ

Four cats in the yard

I’ve known since childhood that I’m an Aquarius, and I’ve read oh maybe a ton of trash descriptions about the “personality type” of Aquarius people. Obviously astrology is a pseudo-science, but I’ve had my grade-school fun with it. Then maybe 15 years ago, I dabbled playfully with the Chinese zodiac after someone gave me a Chinese-zodiac coffee mug for Christmas. So, most obviously, I also became familiar with the “personality type” of Fire Monkeys. That was an even better kind of fun.

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Supernatural dabbler

Strange ESP
Strange ESP and other wild imaginings

I’ve always seen myself as a person much grounded in daily and mundane realities, despite a strong tendency to zoom out from the messy, loathesome details. At the same time, I have this imagination, running in parallel, that could zoom into the wildest scenarios in my mind. What totally grips me, every so often, is when a recurring, connect-the-dots pattern jumps out of the clutter and shows some definite link between reality and my wild imaginings. Continue reading “Supernatural dabbler”