Community of bitches

Nocturnal trysts
It doesn't take much for dogs, if given enough freedom, to go feral and back to their undomesticated ways. Is that good or bad?

No. The title of this piece is not what you might think it is, you dirty-minded reader, you.

“What’s wrong with that?” Kabsat Kandu asks. “Bitch, witch, itch, glitch—they’re just words to describe something. The dirt is in the extra thoughts you put into them.”

But really, we’re talking clean unadulterated fun here, I assure my feisty neighbor. Continue reading “Community of bitches”

How about a gallery?

How about a gallery? What’s a gallery? I sort of suspect it has something to do with pictures, but I want to know how it looks in WordPress, or should I say, in the WordPress template I installed for this blog.

Apayao house
The old ancestral house in Luna, Apayao
Dogs have the right to party, too. Taken at a clan gathering in Luna, Apayao. The host probably had a million guests. Im such a dodo at crowd estimates.

Hmmm. Not bad. The caption function is easy enough. I’m sure there’s a menu for changing gallery settings such as how many pics per row, choice between thumbnail and original size, etc. I’ll find it yet, don’t worry.