Supernatural dabbler

Strange ESP
Strange ESP and other wild imaginings

I’ve always seen myself as a person much grounded in daily and mundane realities, despite a strong tendency to zoom out from the messy, loathesome details. At the same time, I have this imagination, running in parallel, that could zoom into the wildest scenarios in my mind. What totally grips me, every so often, is when a recurring, connect-the-dots pattern jumps out of the clutter and shows some definite link between reality and my wild imaginings. Continue reading “Supernatural dabbler”

Monthly torture for boys

Traditional boy's haircut
Traditional boy’s haircut

When we were kids, my two brothers and I underwent a traditional Chinese haircut (minus the queued tail) that, for most boys at that age, was already a minor form of torture. But the torture was tripled—at least for me—because (1) it was done monthly, (2) it was done with an old razor featuring reusable Gillette blades, and (3) it was done by my father during his often-grumpy moments. Continue reading “Monthly torture for boys”