For Noynoy: A very simple question on Napoles

IRAIA thoughts
IRAIA thoughts

I would have directed these questions to Secretary of Justice Leila de Lima, since it was the NBI under her office that is supposed to be investigating and building up a case against the perpetrators of the pork barrel scam, including the role of Janet Napoles.

But now that Napoles has surrendered to Noynoy Aquino, and since he is supposed to be on top of everything, I will have to throw my questions to him — and I enjoin everyone to raise their own questions and throw these to him. So here goes:

1. Has a search warrant been issued and served on the JLN company papers that are supposed to be in its Discovery Suites office? What happened to the two steel cabinets containing vouchers, receipts, and other incriminating records? I’m asking this because these records must contain solid documentary evidence — the “smoking gun” — that can pin down the real masterminds behind the pork barrel corruption. Never mind about any potential Napoles testimony in open court. She’s a tainted witness. But why do you seem unperturbed about the status of her office records? Where are they now?

2. Has the DBM acted on the COA’s request (complaint, actually) to produce all the relevant records relevant to the PDAF anomalies that the latter uncovered but could not fully explain? What is the status of these records? Why don’t you publicly order your Budget secretary to produce them ASAP, as in, today?

3. Why hasn’t Napoles been slapped with the charge of plunder? What is the status of the plunder case that the DOJ-NBI is supposed to be readying? Why is De Lima so very quiet today, while Mar “Boy Sabog” Roxas is (again) hugging the limelight?

So, Noynoy, until you give satisfactory answers to these questions that the public can accept, then I will keep asking them — and many other related questions related to the pork barrel issue, including your own pork barrel. Now that you have Napoles under your control, I think it is only proper to direct all these questions to you.

Meanwhile, I will call you plain Noynoy, because with your very very questionable position on the pork barrel, not to mention your very very dubious handling of the Napoles surrender that most everyone believes is actually a “done deal”, I don’t think you deserve the courtesy of people calling you President. #

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