Massacre cooking

In 1971, as a “summer-fulltimer” activist of the Kabataang Makabayan (KM) working with MDP’s Radyo Pakikibaka, I was a regular visitor at the KM’s Boni Center along Quezon Avenue. As was the SOP in activist HQs during those times, the Boni Center prepared its daily fare of food for everyone who happened to be there at mealtimes–whether we were five or 10 or (sometimes, especially during busy protest seasons) 25 or more.

Masaker food
Massacre soup with cabbage and vermicelli

Boni Center had a finance and logistics team that, I supposed, worked with a thin and worn shoestring budget. I only assumed this, because occasionally, a team member would arrive with a big sack or two of vegetable rejects and cabbage peelings, solicited from their local public market contacts. Then we who happened to be around would help out in the kitchen, sorting out the still humanly edible pieces from those that were absolutely fit only for the pigsty cauldron. Continue reading “Massacre cooking”

Werewolf’s recipe for fruitbat stew

In a parallel world and a parallel life, I’m a shapeshifter who turns into a werewolf during full moons, during which I retire into a cave and hunt baby panda bears, fruit bats, and other delectables in bamboo forests.

Into this parallel world I retreat now, but decide to forego my prowl. My favorite bamboo forest is so far away anyway. I don’t think my hunt will be successful tonight. Instead, I’ll just get a great fire going in my cave hearth, make myself some nice and thick fruitbat stew, and be friendly to visitors who want to admire my kitchen. I’ve been meaning to post the recipe here. This seems a good time to do exactly that.

Werewolf notice

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