Don’t underestimate Binay the guerrilla tactician.

Most every mainstream politician and political analyst I know have been publicly belittling the impeach-Aquino initiatives of BAYAN et al. as “raw, premature, bound to fail,” and so on. Furthermore, some of the more influential political leaders have even explicitly rejected it.

IRAIA thoughts
IRAIA thoughts

I won’t even try to debate with these anti-impeach politicians and political analysts, because (a) I don’t have the luxury of time to do so, and (b) the pro-impeach groups have been ably explaining their side anyway. Still, I’d like to posit a theory that goes like this: “Don’t underestimate Binay the guerrilla tactician.” Continue reading “Don’t underestimate Binay the guerrilla tactician.”

This business of peddling yellow stuff

This is just a lazy and rambling Sunday piece about yellow in general, and nothing in particular. No earth-shaking stuff here about DAP or PDAF.

This morning, after having my once-in-a-blue-moon military haircut, I decided to take a relaxed stroll around the Kamuning neighborhood. It was partly to satisfy my curiosity about what typhoon Glenda had wrought, and partly to look for a near tire vulcanizing shop, since I needed to patch up my bike’s front tire that took a flat (probably from all that post-Glenda street debris).

The electric posts, as usual, were full of “Tubero” ads. No yellow ribbons were being tied to the old acacia, duhat, kaimito, kamias, atis, and sampalok trees — at least those that survived the storm. But, in fairness, I saw no peach-colored ribbons either. Continue reading “This business of peddling yellow stuff”

Internet love and nerdy thoughts on a rainy night

Sometimes, like a youth wistfully pining for a lost teenage love on a rainy night like this, I’m stricken by an irrational wish for the online world to revert back to 1992-1994.

Twenty years ago, the BBS community was earthy and robust, and the Internet was young and full of promise. Back then, I was a wide-eyed online newbie fumbling with a 2400-bps modem and AT commands. My computer was a clunky Toshiba laptop running on DOS, with an RJ-11 jack, an RS-232 serial port, and two 3.5″ floppy drives with a total 2.8 Mb active storage space.

Continue reading “Internet love and nerdy thoughts on a rainy night”