Giant among dwarfs

GIANT AMONG DWARFS. That’s what I imagined Joker to be when he joined the Corazon Aquino government, a solid pillar supporting Cory’s load only to be felled as a sacrificial offering when the coup attempts started to besiege her rule.

IRAIA thoughts
IRAIA thoughts

Giant among dwarfs he was again, when he joined the Lower House, and later the Senate. He marched to a different drummer, and I’d like to believe, that drummer was the democratic mass movement–although sometimes he seemed hard of hearing or too stubborn, and so made some missteps. But aside from that, he was a likable guy, a courageous human rights lawyer, fellow street parliamentarian, and fiscalizer in government.

The only thing I didn’t like about him was his hairdo. I think he secretly fancied himself to be either Emperor Trajan or Constantine. But that’s ok. After all, he was a giant among dwarfs.#

Something about German trains

At first it is intimidating, for a foreigner who isn’t very familiar with a big city’s urban railway system. Much more if a Third World visitor takes on the complex Berlin system with its U-Bahn and S-bahn overlying the tram and bus, and the industrial-strength Deutsche Bahn comprising the much bigger train network that crisscrosses all of Germany and beyond.

But once you get hold of a map and a day-ticket, then all your fears evaporate. After some fiddling with euro coins and perhaps a quick help from someone who understands Deutsche sprache better than you, getting that ticket machine to belch out your precious day-ticket also becomes an easy piece a’cake.