21st-century tech arena of social struggle

Wired magazine, early 1990s

LAST DECEMBER 2022 (which seemed so long ago, in infotech terms), at first I had wanted my study group at UP Open University to focus on the potentials of an AI-based operating system (think of Linux on AI steroids) that ran on an alternative PC architecture. This AI-muscled PC would rely almost purely on GPUs + a standard CPU (think of a souped-up Raspberry Pi with external GPUs).

Such an approach would make it much easier for barrio kids to assemble a fairly cheap AI-powered rural network for empowering their province’s educational-cultural and info needs. If successfully deployed in many rural provinces, it could serve as a long-term innovator-disruptor not just in the “IT industry” sense but in the wider socio-economic and political sense.

But since my group was pressed for time, and what with the hype around Midjourney, Dall-E etc., I agreed with the more popular choice to focus on AI generative art and lit — which of course have their own immense (but I now feel, short-lived) innovator-disruptor potentials. I’m still satisfied though with how the research turned out.

But now I want to return to my original interest, advocacy, and prediction: that, in the longer-term, the biggest arena of struggle for cyber-control (in the IT field) will feature the “weaponry” of streamlined mini-PC servers on AI-architecture GPUs (even just Raspberry Pi-based for now).

It would run AI-enabled open-source operating systems and software, and be capable of hosting distributed-cloud services that can empower community-based networks. The network can even shield itself from external attack, to some extent.

So here are some links that should be of interest to 21st-century tech activists:

The key elements of this future 21st-century tech arena of social/class struggles are now here, or fast looming on the horizon. #

Fake news implies intent to deceive

False information does not amount to fake news.

“Fake” means forgery, counterfeit—something intentionally fabricated from other stuff to look like the authentic one and thus deceive people. Every day though, throughout the world, we encounter many news items which are proven false but with no intent to deceive. News sources and informants, reporters, and editors may make honest mistakes due to various factors, too many to list here. Continue reading “Fake news implies intent to deceive”

The wallet of a petty-bourgeois, but…

“He has the wallet of a petty-bourgeois, but the mindset of a big comprador-landlord.” I first encountered this terse comment about a person’s politics back in the early 1970’s, when Joma Sison was still CPP chair.

Being a prolific writer with an opinion on all topics under the sun, with a rapier wit that flashed into action as needed, he simply had to explain the materialist dialectics and class basis of the “Kit Tatad phenomenon” at the start of martial law. Or was that jibe directed at Sal Panelo? I always forget. Continue reading “The wallet of a petty-bourgeois, but…”