I’ve decided to invent my own krazy kalligrafi

Krazy kalligrafi

That’s it! I’m through with all these debates on Philippine orthography, whether to use P or F. I’m inventing my own krazy kalligrafi! (Or is that kalligraphi?)

I mean, why should I be forced to follow a decision whether to use F as in Filipinas instead of P as in Pilipinas to reflect the faithful truth about our nationhood, or at least about its original name? Will genuine land reform and national industrialization proceed in earnest, and will we stand prouder in the eyes of other nations, if all 95 million Filipinos (or is that Pilipinos) agree to use F or P? Continue reading “I’ve decided to invent my own krazy kalligrafi”

My krazy kalendar

Ever wished for a long and relaxing four-day weekend. Well, what do you know, I just might have the perfect solution for you.

One day my neighbor Kabsat Kandu, frustrated about having to rush from one work chore to the next, exclaimed aloud that he wanted a clone so that he could be two places at one time. That way, he could gain 48 hours’ worth of time at the cost of 24 hours.

“Well,” I tell him, “we still have no technology for cloning your brain and all its contents — however small these might be — but there’s an alternative solution that society as a whole  would want to try.”

His interest clearly piqued, Kandu nevertheless feigns coolness. “And what would that solution be?” he asks with nonchalance. Continue reading “My krazy kalendar”