Turon with langka

How Pinoy turon, that incomparable delicacy of fried banana fritters in lumpia wrapping, emerged from that popular Spanish holiday delicacy, turron, is way beyond me.

But once turon escaped the confines of the Spanish convent’s kitchen and hit the plaza and surrounding streets of a typical Philippine town, there was no turning back. It defined its own niche through radiative evolution, through ambulant food vendors with kusinilya and kawali, long before the American colonial street-food industry could offer hamburgers and hotdogs.

Nowadays, Pinoy turon na saging has scaled up on the foodie taste ladder by teaming up with langka (jackfruit). A certain brand, at Php 15 apiece, is delicious, filling and nutritious, very affordable, and most compatible with my childhood tastes.

In comparison, a croissant with an equally crumbly and greasy crust, at Php 60 (about 1,20 Euro) apiece, is a poor substitute indeed.

Tangkilikin ang sariling atin. (“Support our own.”) #

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