Tax collectors are not among the scum of the earth

CURRENTLY LISTENING TO A PODCAST about early Christians, who tried to follow Jesus’ path in the most literal way.

You know, like hanging out with the poorest of the poor, Zealotes, Sicarii assassins, other scum of the earth. You know, like leaving their jobs as carpenters and fisherfolk and sex workers, for a life of endless trudging from one village to the next, preaching about the looming struggle for God’s Kingdom on Earth where all would stand equal… partaking of whatever food was offered to them by poor villagefolk, and standing tall and unflinching in the face of imminent martyrdom. (Sounds to me like NPA rebels.)

The podcast all made sense to me, except for one tiny bit. The blogger said Jesus liked to hang out among the worst scum of the earth, like prostitutes and thieves and lepers and tax collectors.

The last category grated in my mind… because tax collectors are certainly not scum of the earth. They’re not scum. They are worse. They live beneath the good earth, in the 9 circles of hell together with the Herods and Scribes and Pharisees, and fascist butchers and big-time looters, and that guy with red skin and pointed tail. #

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