The fire god is consoled

Raising the still-pulsing heart for all to see, the Inca high priests declare the sacrificial rite over. They say the fire god atop the rumbling volcano is appeased. Everyone goes home with safe thoughts that the Inca nobles will now rule with honesty and with the public good in mind. But the temple orgies and carnal feasts of the nobility continue, secretly, relentlessly, brazenly. Continue reading “The fire god is consoled”

Wika Notes 01b

Tagalog lessons
I dedicate this series to my increasing number of foreign friends who want to learn, are starting to learn, or have acquired some fluency in, Tagalog. It’s also for my fellow Filipinos who want to refresh and deepen their knowledge of the language. Click here for Part 1

Guideline 4. Modern Tagalog recognizes several loan consonants—Ch, Sh, F, J, Ñ, V, X, and Z—although they are often convertible into double consonants and so are not absolutely needed, except in proper names such as names of people and places.

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