The fire god is consoled

Raising the still-pulsing heart for all to see, the Inca high priests declare the sacrificial rite over. They say the fire god atop the rumbling volcano is appeased. Everyone goes home with safe thoughts that the Inca nobles will now rule with honesty and with the public good in mind. But the temple orgies and carnal feasts of the nobility continue, secretly, relentlessly, brazenly.

The fire bird lurks, and sulks, and sees everything. Messenger to the mountain god, she knows she has to bide her time. When the fire god wakes up again, he will see that nothing has changed, and growl in anger. But the Inca nobles will pretend not to hear. Instead, they will again make offerings, and lull their slaves with the chicha drug, and dig the earth for more blood. And then all the creatures of the mountain will roll down like a mudflow. And then the fire god’s final wrath will explode and consume everything in its path.

Beware the wrath of an inconsolable fire god.


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