He got bum advice, shoulda got a Heckler & Koch instead.

This morning, I decided to set aside my pseudo-regular blog column, and give way to the persistent pressure from my favorite Mafia character to say his piece about a certain public scandal that happened last Friday involving a fast car, a high-powered gun, and a Palace biggie. (Don’t these three always go together nowadays? LOL.)
AK-47 type II
One of the world's most fearsome assault rifles, the AK-47, comes to mind after a recent public scandal involved such a powerful gun, a fast car, and a Palace biggie. (Don't these three elements always go together nowadays? LOL) Source: Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:AK-47_type_II_Part_DM-ST-89-01131.jpg

Bene, Don Llamas. I never thought you were a bad Consigliari. You are part of the Family, don’t you ever forget that. We’ve been through some pretty tight situations in the past, remember? But my friend, let me tell you flat in the face: you got yousself some bum advice, getting an AK for your personal security, and then allowing it to just lie around like that inside your SUV.

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