Benjie Mag…hunos-dili ka!

IN A GRUDGING WAY, I CALLED GEN. BENJIE MAGALONG as “Benjie Magaling” when, as CIDG chief, his findings as head of PNP Board of Inquiry on Mamasapano dared to tell the damning truth, which contradicted the official narrative being peddled by Noynoy, Purisima et al. about Oplan Exodus.

And when he won the 2019 local election as Baguio mayor, I called him “Benjie Magalang” because he seemed very grounded about the many issues that affect the ordinary people of the city. He also showed an audacious streak of civic responsibility when he decided to cancel the big Panagbenga events when Covid-19 started to become a real threat.

Pero doon natapos ang bilib ko sa kanya. Suddenly there’s this spate of privatizations that benefit real-estate and mall giants. Among other lapses or failings or whatever. I don’t know what happened, because I no longer monitor Baguio issues as avidly as before. But now I’m tempted to start calling him by another name: “Benjie Magulang.”

But mere temptation it remains. For now, it will be: Benjie Mag…hunos-dili ka! #

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