A mix of sincerity and sarcasm

I’m trying to master this difficult skill, in many of my Facebook posts and comments, of achieving a fine mix–an exquisitely balanced blend if you will–of sincerity and sarcasm. With a dash of childish humor to camouflage the deadly mix.

I have four reasons, or cold-blooded objectives rather, for making this effort. If anyone says I’m being sarcastic or reacts with a “Haha” emoji, then I’d have achieved my first objective. If anyone likes my post or comment, presumably because they think I’m sincere or humorous and they appreciate that, then I’d have achieved my second objective.

If anyone says they can’t make heads or tails of what I’m talking about, or doesn’t react at all, then I’d have achieved my third objective. If you’re wondering about what my fourth objective is, and why I’m not telling you, then I’d have achieved my fourth objective.

A tiny chasm looks safe, because it’s just sarchasm. And intuition is merely intelligence without the benefit of tuition. Remember, you heard it first from me. So whatever happens, I gain, and I hope you too. #

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